Sportradar has signed a deal to provide its player performance solutions to leading European fantasy sports operator Comunio.

The agreement enables Comunio to base its player performance scores on Sportradar’s Player Performance Index, which is part of the supplier’s suite of Premium Soccer products.

The index marries a whole new level of performance data collection across the most important football competitions in Europe with an in-house developed objective algorithm.

“In a summer of big signings, this, for us, is a hugely important one,” said James Heneghan, head of business development for Sportradar’s Digital Sport division. “Comunio’s faith in our product, our processes and our attention to detail is a powerful endorsement for us as we know how demanding they are on behalf of their users.

“At Sportradar, we challenged ourselves to look deeper into performance to provide scores and other data-driven solutions that really provide a more complete picture. Fans nowadays want a level of engagement and insight that was impossible just years ago, but we are proud to meet and exceed that demand with our Premium Soccer offering and our partnership with Comunio."

Comunio chief executive Fabian Loschek described the company's European customers as some of the most passionate, knowledgeable and discerning football lovers who spend a lot of time and energy researching and weighing up their line ups.

“We love and share that level of dedication,” he said. “That is what drove this deal. We wanted to provide a level of performance data and analysis that would match the attention to detail of our users.

“Sportradar’s Premium Soccer is a game changer that records over 100 types of microevents per match, evaluates their quality, weights their overall importance and then uses a sensitive algorithm to generate a deeper piece of analysis.”