Golden Nugget senior vice president and general manager of iGaming, Thomas Winter, tells Gaming Intelligence how a business with a stuttering start went on to dominate the market.

Borgata’s reign as the largest iGaming operator in New Jersey came to an end last October, when Golden Nugget settled into pole position. Borgata had ruled the roost in New Jersey since regulated iGaming began in 2013, while Golden Nugget held just a two per cent market share at the start of 2014.

Having remained on top for so long, this was not a case of Borgata’s decline allowing Golden Nugget to creep in. Rather it was a case of the Landrys-owned brand consistently growing into a strong and viable competitor.

In the most recent results at the time of writing, Golden Nugget generated $6.3m in revenue in July 2017, 30 per cent of the market total and 40 per cent more than the erstwhile market leader.

“That was our record month, which was nice when most other licensees were down,” Senior vice president and general manager of online gaming Thomas Winter says. “For the year our brand should be up around 50 per cent, and around 70 per cent for the first seven months.”

During this time, Golden Nugget has been consistently praised for its seeming determination to expand and innovate by rolling out new products.

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