Videoslots chief executive Alexander Stevendahl calls for an industry-wide platform for responsible gambling and a fresh approach to regulated markets.

Videoslots won the One to Watch operator award at the recent Gaming Intelligence Awards on the back of its highly innovative and highly successful approach to online casino.

It started to make people take notice with its Battle of Slots feature, which engaged players in a social setting and pushed revenues up a healthy 300 per cent in just 18 months from its 2015 launch.

Since then, it has also acquired PKR’s poker software, which it is busy integrating to its own platform for a re-launch that Stevendahl hopes will happen later this year. Stevendahl says it was a bit of a gamble buying the software as he was not acquiring any engineers who knew how to make it work and the sellers could not demonstrate that it actually worked.

He is very pleased to report that it does work and that his engineers have got it running. Now they are fixing bugs and developing the non-3D web version, which PKR never launched.

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