Arizona-based gaming supplier Design Works Gaming (DWG) is set to expand its portfolio of social casinos with the launch of its fourth brand Cash River.

Set for launch in the UK latest this year, Cash River is the latest addition to DWG’s social casino portfolio, which includes Diamond Sky Casino, Spin Vegas Slots and Super Scratcher Casino.

Cash River features a new set of retention and engagement tools that allow players to purchase and plant “money trees”, which then reward coins in various amounts. Players will also be able to use gems as a secondary currency to buy more trees or upgrade existing trees, or to access the VIP area to unlock games, coins and premium trees.

“We are thrilled to launch our fourth social casino and are especially proud of our Money Tree retention mechanism, which gives players the possibility to redeem free virtual currency every few minutes instead of the traditional hourly bonus, proving that money really does grow on trees,” said DWG president and CEO Troy Zurawski.

“The levelling-up and VIP system is also unique with different paths a player can take to experience the various worlds in the game, creating an engaging and interactive experience.”