Colombia’s regulated iGaming market has seen COP$1.5tn (€415m) wagered between the opening of the market in June 2017 and October of this year.

The figures from national gambling regulator Coljuegos show that licensed operators processed COP$1.5tn in bets and paid out a total of COP$ 1.3tn in prizes since the market was regulated 17 months ago.

The burgeoning sector has also contributed COP$33bn (€9m) in gaming duties to state coffers.

As of October 2018, Colombia’s sixteen licensed operators had 1.6 million registered players between them.

“After becoming the first Latin American country to regulate online gaming, Colombia continues to innovate and push the sector forward,” said Coljuegos president Juan Pérez Hidalgo. “This means a greater contribution to Colombian healthcare.”

Hidalgo added that combating the illegal iGaming market remains a top priority for the regulator, with more than 1,800 illegal gambling domains blocked since the reregulation of the market.


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