San Francisco-based social gaming operator Zynga has launched its Hit it Rich! slots app for Android players with the game now available in the Google Play store.

The game features a range of popular titles including the newly-launched FarmVille 2 slot and games based on popular films including Terminator 2 and the Wizard of Oz, as well as popular TV series Sex and the City.

The app is already available online and from Apple’s App Store, with Zynga claiming it has the world’s largest portfolio of branded slot games. It was developed by the Chicago-based studio Spooky Cool Labs, acquired by Zynga last year.

Joe Kaminkow, the chief game designer for Hit it Rich!, said that by blending the look and feel of real slot machines with iconic entertainment brands, the app offered “an authentic entertainment experience that mirrors the fun people have in real casinos around the world.”

“By bringing this true-to-life slots experience to the web, iPhone, iPad and now Google Play, consumers now have the freedom to play their favorite branded slots games however and wherever they want,” Kaminkow explained.

Hit it Rich! first launched in October last year, with a total of 270bn coins won by players since and an average of 40m spins played on a daily basis.

Zynga revealed that since launch, players accessed the game an average of three-and-a-half times a week, having conducted a survey of the app’s players.

The survey revealed that around 30 per cent of users played the game first thing in the morning, with 31 per cent accessing Hit it Rich! before going to bed. Approximately 19 per cent of users play the game throughout the day, with 14 per cent playing at work.

It also offered some insight into users’ motivation for playing, with 59 per cent saying they play for the thrill of winning, and 57 per cent saying that they used the experience as a form of relaxation.


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