Social casino operator Akamon Entertainment has launched VIVA! Bingo & Slots, a new Facebook app featuring a range of products including bingo, slots and the company’s first video bingo game.

VIVA! features products created by each of Akamon’s three development studios in Barcelona, Valencia and Tel Aviv.

The project was overseen by the company’s chief product officer Alex Cohen, with the team focused on delivering high-quality graphics, robust math models behind the games, and strong effects and animations.

It features a video bingo game, a product particularly popular in the company’s core Latin American market, in-keeping with Akamon’s strategy of developing localized content.

Commenting on the launch, Cohen said that VIVA! makes the most of Akamon’s geographical diversity, as it will be adjusted for different markets and eventually personalized based on player preferences.

“[Having] multiple games within a single environment will allow players to have a longer player experience, and will also give Akamon more flexibility with acquisition strategies,” Cohen explained.

Within the app Cohen said that his team would focus on maintaining the video bingo and slots products, with regular releases to improve the quality and functionality of the games.

The product is now available on Facebook, with mobile versions to follow during the first quarter of the year.


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