Social casino studio LuckyFish Games has launched a new tournament feature on its flagship OMG! Fortune Facebook app, with iOS and Android versions to follow in the coming weeks.

The new feature will allow thousands of players to compete against one another in real-time for a virtual currency prize, and comes with a special Lucky Jackpot. This is randomly activated during a tournament, and sees all participants win a prize even if they do not place among the winners.

All technology was developed in-house, using cloud-based, real-time solutions that will be rolled out for additional brands LuckyFish plans to launch in future.

Players will be able to compete against one another in a range of games such as slots, as well as unique titles that incorporate match-3 mechanics similar to King’s Candy Crush Saga, in order to offer up fast spins and large jackpots.

“What sets OMG! Fortune apart from the competition is its unique fortune games which are not the usual run of the mill slot type games,” the studio’s chief executive Roi Fishman said. “It's our in-house technology that has allowed us to apply our resources and perfectionism to create the distinct progressive jackpot feature within the tournament system.”

The studio first launched OMG! Fortune on Facebook in 2012, with its mobile offering rolled out on Android and iOS respectively in November last year. To date it claims to have attracted 8m players, and 2m Facebook fans.