Mobile fantasy sports developer iPro has partnered Sportradar to integrate the sports data provider’s play-by-play data of National Football League (NFL) matches into its ringit! sports prediction gaming app.

Designed to enhance NFL supporters’ viewing experience, ringit! challenges players to predict the next play, drive or game in real-time while watching matches. It offers more than 15,000 pick options such as predicting whether teams will run or pass; players involved and the result of each play, as well as the option to make prop picks or custom side selections.

This is further enhanced by the addition of Sportradar’s NFL data feeds. The ringit! offering is powered by iPro’s exclusive technology that uses sophisticated algorithms to produce dynamic odds that constantly change throughout live games depending on what occurs during the game.

These algorithms use Sportradar’s statistics, including real-time scores, player statistics and the industry’s fastest play-by-play data feed.

It was originally announced that a real-money variant of ringit!, ringit! Pro, will be released in future, in territories where sports betting is permitted, but this has since been denied by the NFL. Sportradar's contract with the league does not allow it to provide data for real-money wagering, it said.

“Building a real time, play-by-play sports prediction platform is no easy task. Strong, fast, reliable game data is absolutely paramount to the ringit! experience, and Sportradar is the first company capable of delivering,” iPro founder and chief executive Robert Melendres commented. “The result is an incredibly fun and unique gaming experience that hasn't been possible until now.”

Sportradar’s chief revenue officer Tom Masterman said his company was very enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with iPro.

“We believe their prediction games demonstrate the true power of our real-time data feeds like few other applications,” he explained. “Where else are sports fans challenged to make decisions in real-time, just like a head coach? This is a very innovative app.”