Video slots developer Betsoft Gaming has added a new title to its Slots3 suite of 3D content, with the avian-themed BIRDS! now available for its operator customers.

The title employs what the developer describes as a “revolutionary” style of reels that is both visually striking and complements the avian theme.

In the game stylised birds fly from the left of the screen to settle on telephone wires, with winning combinations flying away and others setting into their places on the wire until no more wins can be had.

Despite appearing different to a traditional slot, BIRDS! features 5 cascading reels and 25 paylines, set against the backdrop of a bright, busy town that enhances the overall gameplay experience.

It comes with eleven birds, each with their own personality and individual animations, with one a Wild Bird that stands for all others when it appears.

The game’s Free Flights feature can offer unlimited free spins, provided the cascading winning combination of birds continues in a chain.

Any combination of three or more birds results in a win, with each winning flight filling a meter on the left side of the user interface. Once this meter reaches its fourth and highest level, the player is awarded eight free spins, and this number increasing with each consecutive winning combination.

“The artists have cultivated an enjoyable, extremely friendly atmosphere in our new Slots3 title BIRDS!,” Betsoft head of product development Stephen Jackman said. “With a plucky soundtrack and some of the most adorable characters we’ve ever created, this game is a true delight to the senses and introduces an innovative reel mechanic that we are proud to share with the iGaming industry and community of players.”


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