PokerStars' sports betting brand BetStars has launched Sports Jackpots, a new simplified form of fantasy sports that offers players the chance to win top prizes of up to $1m.

Sports Jackpots was developed through a collaboration between BetStars and Amaya's StarsDraft fantasy sports business, offering a simplified version of daily fantasy tournaments where players pick an athlete that they believe will score the highest number of fantasy points that day from pre-selected groups.

By removing the need for users to select players for specific positions and work around a salary cap, as well as removing the need for managing a team over the course of a season, Sports Jackpots are designed to act as an introduction to fantasy tournaments, the company said.

"Our team is excited to work with the fast-growing BetStars brand to further the mission of bringing much needed innovation to the sports betting market," said StarsDraft chief executive Matthew Primeaux. "With BetStars Sports Jackpots, there’s no easier way for punters and casual sports fans alike to turn a small bet into a big win."

Sports Jackpots are currently available on tournaments for the English Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, National Basketball Association and golf’s PGA Tour, with buy-ins starting at $3.

To win a prize in tournaments, which typically pays the top 25 per centof participants, each fantasy point scored by a player’s selections is totalled and ranked against other users on a leaderboard. Users can also win the $1m top prize by picking the highest-scoring fantasy player in each pre-selected group, with consolation prizes offered for those that come close but fail to pick all the correct players.

"Football fans will be able to enjoy an added sweat by complementing sports book action with BetStars Sports Jackpots," BetStars managing director Zeno Ossko said. "It's a fun, quick, and easy way to get the thrill of fantasy sports without having to commit to a whole season."

Stars Jackpots are now live for PokerStars players in, and markets.