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Social casino studio KamaGames has credited its Party Mode features and slots launch for helping its registered player base grow to 100m this year.

The company said the launch of Party Mode, where players are offered tweaked poker variants for a limited time each week, and the addition of slots to its flagship Pokerist app had helped it attract a broader, casual audience.

This, it said, had seen an additional 5m players register in the first quarter of this year alone.

The majority of KamaGames' 100m players are based in Europe, with 40.7 per cent of the total on the continent. This is followed by the US, which accounts for 22.9 per cent of registrations, and Asia with 17.9 per cent.

In terms of average revenue per user, the US, UK and Germany are all ranked in KamaGames’ top five markets, alongside Singapore and Switzerland.

"We are very proud to have reached this milestone," KamaGames chief executive Andrey Kuznetsov commented.

"This vast international audience is a clear reflection of the hard work from every member of the KamaGames team," he said. "From development, to marketing, to user acquisition and everyone in between, I am immensely proud of what we have achieved as a company."