In its penultimate slot release of 2018, Playtech-owned slots specialist Quickspin is bringing ancient Russian folklore to life with the launch of Ivan and the Immortal King.

Designed by a team inspired by magical characters of Russian folktales, the slot is centred around the everlasting hero Ivan Tsarevitch and his legendary quest to slay the evil King Koschey and rescue Maria Morevna, the Warrior Princess, imprisoned in his mountain lair.

With a treasure trove of free spins, multipliers and bonus scatter symbols to be unlocked, the hero’s final showdown awaits when the players reach the evil King’s lair, guarded by a fierce three-headed dragon.

“Our development team delved into the passages of ancient Russian folktales to bring this story to life,” said Quickspin chief executive Daniel Lindberg. “We enjoyed every minute creating this game and are sure players will treasure this fantastic slot for years to come.

“2018 has been a fantastic year for us, and we look forward to bringing our fans many more games over the year ahead.”