Sports betting and gaming technology provider SBTech has unveiled its new cross-platform jackpot innovation Exploding Jackpots.

In SBTech’s latest innovation, a series of ‘must-drop’ timed and amount-based jackpots will be available on any sports bet or casino game, as well as via any of the company’s third-party partners on its platform.

Prior to launching Exploding Jackpots, other ‘must drop’ products were limited to specific casino game suppliers, restricting how operators can use them to complement marketing activities.

SBTech said that Exploding Jackpots was the “ultimate” gamification tool for operators, enabling their players to receive an enhanced experience with the chance of randomly unlocking one or more potentially life-changing cash prizes across any sports bet or slot spin.

Operators can also use the product to significantly boost cross-sell opportunities and maximise marketing efforts by alerting players to the status of ‘must-drop’ jackpots before a sporting event begins or during a popular match or tournament.

“Exploding Jackpots has made an immediate impact at this year’s ICE and we’re delighted with the response,” said SBTech chief product officer Greg Karaolis. “Unlike other timed products, this is the first of its kind capable of being activated on any sports or casino game or third-party supplier across our entire platform.

“Players have really taken to the concept of must drop timed and amount based jackpots in the last year. However, we are taking this to the next level and unlocking its true cross-platform and cross-product potential.”