In a significant blow to Stanleybet, the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) has ruled against the international bookmaker in its long-running case against Italy authorities over the length of gambling licences issued by the country in 2012.

Stanleybet has long argued that Italy persistently breached EU laws concerning gambling and disregarded numerous ECJ rulings in the past fifteen years.

The landmark Gambelli and Placanica rulings recognised that the 1999 CONI and 2006 Bersani Italian sports betting licence tenders were not compliant with EU law, while the most recent Costa-Cifone ruling of February 2012 found that the Italian authorities needed to remedy the unlawful exclusion of operators such as Stanleybet who were discriminated against in the tender.

In order to ensure its compliance with EU law, Italy reformed the gambling and betting sector in 2006, and subsequently in 2012 following the most recent judgment by the ECJ.

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