French gambling regulator L’Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne (ARJEL) has signed a cooperation and information-sharing agreement with Denmark’s Gaming Authority (DGA).

The agreement, signed by ARJEL president Charles Coppolani and DGA director Birgitte Sand, is designed to formalise conditions for the sharing of information to aid a number of key strategic goals.

These include fighting money laundering and terrorist financing, the regulation of advertising, player account management and player protection.

The two regulators will also work together to tackle illegal gambling operators as part of the commitment to player protection and the prevention of gambling addiction.

ARJEL and the DGA described the agreement as helping to further a policy to cooperate with regulatory bodies sharing a common approach to the regulation of online games.

The pair added that it would also help further the promotion of cross-border collaboration between regulatory bodies, and move towards adopting common principles designed to ensure the highest possible level of protection for consumers and minors.