The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has raised concerns that new technology is providing children with opportunities to experience gambling behaviours through products including social casino games and skin betting on computer games.

The regulator said that children were experiencing gambling in situations where the risks were not always explained, with the research raising questions about the long-term impact for children whose early experiences of gambling are in a "consequence-free environment".

Conducted using Ipsos' Young People Omnibus, the report is the latest in a series of annual surveys by the UKGC on the subject of young people and gambling in the UK.

The findings are based on a sample of 2,881 11-16 year olds who were surveyed between February 6th and May 17th of this year, which indicated that 12 per cent of children had spent their own money on gambling in the week prior to being surveyed, creating a headline figure of 370,000 children who had gambled in the past week when grossed up to Great Britain’s population figures.

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