Sports data specialist Sportradar has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Austria's Play Fair Code (PFC), a government-founded association to protect the integrity of sports.

The agreement will allow for greater cooperation between the two entities in their efforts to fight corruption in all sports, both within Austria and on a global level.

Sportradar and PFC will share expertise, statistical data, information and best practices relating to sporting integrity, as well as collaborating on educational initiatives to prevent match-fixing.

They will also coordinate advocacy efforts for European and international authorities and institutions, in order to ensure harsher punishments for sporting corruption.

The PFC is the operating arm of the Association for Protecting Integrity in Sports, an organisation founded by the Austrian Sports Ministry, Football Association (AFA) and Football League.

It counts the country's Federal Sports Organisation, Olympic Committee, Ski Federation, Bookmakers' Federation, Ice Hockey League, Basketball League and Austrian Lotteries among its stakeholders. A number of these bodies already have separate integrity partnerships with Sportradar.

"We are very proud to be sharing our expertise with the Play Fair Code," Sportradar managaing director of integrity services Andreas Krannich said. "The information we can provide from our monitoring and detection system including our advanced intelligence, investigation, education and consultancy will cover all bases."

"Combined with PFC's in-depth expertise in the education field, this approach will see us mutually focus on eliminating potential corruption across sporting codes."

PFC president Günter Kaltenbrunner added: "We are very pleased to strengthen our relationship with Sportradar. We are both united in our aims and our joint efforts will ensure that we can be more confident in helping to diminish the risks of potential manipulation in sports across Austria."


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