The Swedish Gambling Authority said that it received 22 licence applications on the opening day of the licensing window, followed by three more on day two.

While the Authority is thrilled by the industry’s response to the new licensing regime, a spokesperson said that many of the applications are not complete and encouraged applicants to take their time in order to get everything right.

“We would like people to read all the guidelines and fill out every bit of information rather than rushing to get their application in,” said a spokesperson.

She acknowledged that this is a new process for everybody and that it is complex but the regulator would like to see complete and correct applications, rather than some of the incomplete documents it has received in the first two days.

The new Swedish Gambling Act was approved by the Swedish Parliament on June 7th and the application documents were published by the Authority on July 10th, so applicants have not had long to get their documents in order.

SGA director general Camilla Rosenberg said she is expecting in excess of 70 applications before the liberalised market opens on January 1st, 2019. The inspectorate is confident that it has the time and resources to process all of the applications, after recruiting around 15 new staff to cope with the new licensing regime. It expects to recruit another dozen or so staff before the end of the year.


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