Chinese lottery technology supplier China Vanguard Group (CVG) has signed a cooperative agreement to supply a self-services lottery solution for the Sports Lottery Management Centre in the province of Gansu.

CVG will provide a full lottery solution and support services, including development and maintenance of the hardware and software of the systems.

It will also provide self-service terminals for speciality shops and across other sales channels such as cafes, shopping centres and airports in Gansu.

The partnership is based on a revenue share agreement, with the lottery paying a percentage of total sales revenue to the supplier.

CVG’s board explained that the self-service lottery sales distribution has “huge market potential,” noting that the roll-out of the system is in-line with the company’s recent development work.

“The board will strive to capture more of such opportunities in the future,” it explained. “The board considers that the co-operative agreement was entered into in the ordinary course of business of the group and on normal commercial terms after arm's length negotiation.”

The deal further expands CVG’s presence in China with the supplier currently contracted and operating in 13 provinces and areas in the country, working with both the China Welfare Lottery and China Sport Lottery.

The company’s most recent deal saw it agree to provide an SMS lottery transaction platform for the Shanghai Welfare Lottery, finalised in November last year.

CVG, which was established in 1999, is also active in the property market of Guizhou province, and develops karaoke machines.