Isle of Man-based gaming supplier Link2Win has developed a new lottery draw game which it claims will significantly increase levels of player engagement.

The LottoLinka draw game sees players win by linking numbers instead of matching numbers.

Typical lotto games involve players picking a small set of numbers from a much larger number pool. In games such as Lotto 6/49, players select 6 entry numbers from a pool of 49 with the lottery subsequently drawing 6 numbers from the pool to result the game.

Link2Win CEO and managing director John Reid says that because of the large pool size, more often than not players see limited success, resulting in low levels of player engagement.

“All recognized Lotto games struggle to provide good levels of player engagement for their non-winning players,” said Reid. “As a consequence, Lotto draw games are coming under increasing pressure from other game types, including from instant and online interactive games, which provide for better player entertainment and engagement.

“Accordingly, there is a real need for innovation in draw games and there has been prior attempts to do so, including through the establishment of draw game design committees comprised of lottery executives from different jurisdictions. However, no significant innovation has materialized. In some respects this is not surprising as the issues to be addressed and solved are both complex, difficult and intertwined.”

In Link2Win’s new LottoLinka game, players win by linking numbers instead of matching numbers. LottoLinka also differs in that only 9 numbers are involved, and all numbers are used by both the player and the lottery.

With each game resulted by a single draw of all the 9 numbers, the game’s objective is to achieve links between numbers on two small matrices. If any two numbers drawn in sequence by the lottery are also next to each other on a matrix (in any direction), the player scores a “link” between those two numbers on each relevant matrix.

Players win prizes based on how many links are achieved. Each matrix has a possibility of up to eight links, so the maximum available is 16 links. Achieving links occurs often, with 98 per cent of all players achieving six or more successes.

While Reid notes the success of multi-jurisdictional games such as EuroMillions, Powerball and Mega Millions, he says that the vast majority of Lotto players are non-winners and it is the non-winning play experience that is the most important experience to consider in any new innovation.

“LottoLinka outperforms Lotto in very important ways, and in the ways that matter,” said Reid. “It has a simple, visually appealing and refreshing play style that produces engaging game plays, high top odds and more base outputs than any comparable Lotto draw game.

“Importantly, it’s just as hard to get the very low outcomes as it is to get the top outcomes, resulting in players virtually always counting lots of successes.”


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