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Full Tilt has lost around 9,000 players since relaunching six months ago, Gaming Intelligence spoke to head of marketing Sarne Lightman to find out how he plans to rectify this.

While PokerStars’ Atlantic City shenanigans have been grabbing the headlines, the return of Full Tilt Poker has largely managed to escape media scrutiny.

It is just over six months since PokerStars’ parent the Rational Group relaunched Full Tilt. In that time liquidity has slumped from a high of over 14,000 players upon launch to a low of around 2,500 a few weeks ago. It had dropped to fourth place in the PokerScout rankings behind iPoker and PartyPoker. Nobody expected that.

While it has clawed its way back up to number two with an average of 3,100 players a day, close competitors are unsure quite what to make of the new Full Tilt. They are certainly glad it’s not dominating them in quite the same way that it used to, but that has them puzzled at what more than one source described as PokerStars’ “experiment”.

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