Australian gaming operator Tabcorp will seek an independent review of a decision by the country's Advertising Standards Board (ASB) against a TV advertisement for the TAB mobile app which was found to depict excessive gambling.

The TV commercial for the TAB mobile app was broadcast at around 7:22pm on October 7th and showed a man returning from a trip, placing his bags on the kitchen counter and being greeted by his girlfriend who asks him how his trip had been. 

The man then reminisces on his trip, which involved a group of men on a camping/fishing trip looking at live and replay racing vision and  racing form on their app. The song "Always" by Bon Jovi plays over the scene. In response to his partner’s query about how his trip was, the man responds: “yeah…loved it.”

One complainant stated that the ad implied that it would be “fun” and “sociable” to lie to your partner about gambling addiction, and that it glamorised gambling as a kind of pleasure that one could indulge in over a weekend.

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