The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a TV advertisement from The Stars Group's PokerStars brand, which was found to be socially irresponsible for portraying gambling in the context of recklessness.

The TV ad was shown last October and included a voice-over which said: "Here you are, the moment when bluffing is the only way to win, you're freaking out kiddo, but think about all those times you bluffed yourself.

"Like the pull-up bar waiting for you to get back in-shape, that book you're definitely going to read, your parents never ever had sex. Use that talent because if you can bluff yourself, you can bluff anyone. Pokerstars, you're already a great poker player."

One complainant challenged whether the ad exploited inexperienced poker players by suggesting that they could easily excel at the game and make large winnings, while the ASA also queried whether the ad portrayed gambling in the context of recklessness.

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