You can argue whether she was right or wrong but star of day one at GiGse was undoubtedly Caesars’ Jan Jones.

The former mayor of Las Vegas laid into an uncowed Jon Pappas of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) over the issue of whether PokerStars should be allowed to operate in a regulated US market.

Pappas was speaking for the players, you understand, not for PokerStars but he did a good job of standing up to Jones’s withering invective. The confrontation boiled down to differing opinions over the interpretation of UIGEA and whether that means blocking PokerStars from the US market is legitimate.

“PartyGaming pulled out. 888 pulled out. Not one US company would operate because it would imperil their licence,” stormed Jones. “You can call it grey if you like. I call it black.”

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