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Playtech has integrated a new fraud detection solution from data analytics specialist Featurespace into its Information Management System (IMS).

The new machine-learning tool monitors player behaviour to create predictive models, helping flag unusual actions and allowing licensees using the IMS platform to instantly identify fraudulent activity.

The solution is powered by Featurespace's adaptive, real-time, individual change platform (ARIC), which automatically evaluates risk based on individuals' behaviour.

"Playtech is committed to promoting safe play and empowering licensees and players with advanced customer engagement and protection," Playtech chief operating officer Shimon Akad said.

"We are developing industry-leading risk management technology and processes and Playtech's IMS player management platform provides our licensees with the latest player protection protocols," he explained. "I'm therefore delighted that our partnership and integration with Featurespace technology will enable us to further increase the quality and effectiveness of our offering."

Featurespace chief executive Martina King added: "Our strategic partnership with Playtech enables us to deliver enhanced protection to their customers through our real-time, machine learning technology and will allow Playtech's licensees to better manage risk.

"We are proud to be working together to provide our machine learning ARIC platform to protect and serve Playtech's customers."

The roll-out of the fraud detection solution follows a strategic partnership signed by Playtech and Featurespace in February 2017, as part of Playtech's drive to ensure that IMS remains a market-leading solution.

This has also seen Playtech partner with engagement and retention platform provider Captain Up to add a new gamification engine to the platform, with additional partnerships set to be announced in the near future.

Shares in Playtech plc (LSE:PTEC) were trading down 0.77 per cent at 794.00 pence per share in London Tuesday morning.