Kindred Group’s innovation arm Kindred Futures has pioneered a new voice betting prototype that is designed to change the way customers bet in the near future.

Developed in partnership with Swedish tech start-up Artificial Solutions, the Google Action voice driven betting app will facilitate voice betting on six top European football leagues and competitions.

The app was developed using Artificial Solutions’ Teneo conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform and utilizes Google's speech recognition services, although the product remains in prototype and is not yet available to customers.

“Google was a great foundation for us thanks to its years as a search engine, meaning it had a wealth of data on a broad range of topics that its speech recognition understood,” explained Michael Franklin, natural language lead at Kindred Futures. “But despite this, it still required many hours of tuning and training to build the recognition of nuanced betting terminology and phrases.”

Kindred explained that the process involved over 80 hours of extensive testing and inputting more than 9,000 betting phrases in order to understand the capabilities of Google speech recognition.

“Speech recognition has made massive leaps over the last few years, and it’s now reached that tipping point where it’s good enough to be used to explore the future of voice-activated betting,” said Artificial Solutions head of presales Mark Jones. “This pioneering conversational AI application means Kindred Futures is in the perfect position to exploit voice technology moving forward.”

Artificial Solutions raised €13.6m in equity capital in October to support its global growth and accelerate the expansion of its Tenio AI platform. Its current clients include Accenture, KPMG, Cognizant, Wipro and Puplicis.Sapient.

Shares in Kindred Group AB (STO:KIND-B) were trading up 1.21 per cent at SEK95.58 per share in Stockholm Friday morning.