Sports data provider Sportradar has secured an agreement to boost the data-driven sports coverage of US broadcaster FOX Sports.

Through an integration with Sportradar’s research platform Radar360, FOX Sports will become one of the first broadcasters to gain access to its new functionality, historic data sets, and expanded sports league content.

“Sportradar is obsessed with the fan experience, and driven by the opportunity to be a good partner to today’s sports storytellers,” said Sportradar head of global strategic partnerships Steve Byrd. “Media partners use our turnkey services to tell unique, data-driven stories. With these expanded capabilities, it will be even easier to comprehend trends and produce amazing content for pre-, in-, and post-game consumption.”

Sportradar will also develop new research tools, data products and machine learning technology to enable FOX Sports to expand its in-game and digital content with real-time and historic sports data.

“Sportradar is in a position to provide information to our networks with cutting edge technology that is easily accessible by the staff in our production trucks and studios,” said FOX Sports executive vice president of production and operations Brad Zager. “This will allow our production teams and announcers to stay at the forefront of storytelling using new data and analytics.”

FOX Sports is the flagship entity of 21st Century Fox's Fox Sports Media Group division, formed in 1994 with Fox's acquisition of broadcast rights to National Football League (NFL) games. It currently televises a number of major US sports including Major League Baseball, NASCAR, Major League Soccer, and the USGA Championships.



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