Sports betting technology provider Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) has launched a new real-time gamification product to enhance the customer experience.

Developed and managed by online loyalty and gamification specialist Captain Up, Level Up enriches the sportsbook user experience by adding layers of rewards and real-time communication based on events and triggers.

PBS will begin offering timed challenges, daily rewards, missions, and trophies through the new product, with the user journey optimised to promote any match, event, market or activity in real-time.

Real-time data management allows PBS users to get instant feedback on their actions and activities, to achieve badges, collect trophies, progress through missions, advance up the levels, unlock premium features and claim prizes.

“Playtech ‘Level Up’ is the first fully integrated gamification product available to the industry,” said PBS sportsbook product director Eoin Redmond. “It works seamlessly with all Playtech products encouraging usage across both sportsbook and casino products.

“Powered by Captain Up, the product has challenges tailored to match any sportsbook user’s preference. ‘Level Up’ educates customers on new features and helps to build brand loyalty in a competitive landscape.”

Captain Up CEO Uri Admon commented: “Adding an extra buzz to the sport betting experience has been a challenge and a pleasure. By giving real time feedback to the player we are now able to reward any action, to notify on progression, and to communicate any event and promotion, directly to the customer, achieving the best results. Together, we are taking sports betting to a new level.”

Shares in Playtech plc (LSE:PTEC) were trading down 1.20 per cent at 379.10 pence per share in London Monday morning.