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Malta-based online betting and gaming operator Interwetten has launched a new payment processing solution for its customers in partnership with MuchBetter.

MuchBetter offers biometric and device verification rather than passwords and security questions in order to improve the payment experience for customers, with its payment solution recently integrated with Mastercard’s Pay By Bank app.

“We have completely bought into the MuchBetter approach, and we love their commitment to payments innovation,” said Interwetten chief operating officer Birgit Bosch. “After years of growth, mobile gaming remains a huge market opportunity and the MuchBetter app was built with these customers in mind from day one, not retrofitted to suit.

“They know these players and what they want from a payment app, as well understanding as the German speaking market, its opportunities, and its many challenges.”

MuchBetter co-founder Jens Bader said: “We’ve always had a different approach to payments, and we always like to create an integrated relationship with our operators. For Interwetten, it’s not the case that they turn on the MuchBetter functionality and we just leave them to it.

“We are committed to building a solution that works for them and meets their specific needs, while serving their players with the smoothest user experience on the market. I believe we’re trusted by all our operators to deliver on that front.”

MuchBetter recently integrated with Mastercard’s Pay By Bank, a new online checkout option from Mastercard that lets users pay for goods and services in real-time using the banking app on their phone, across online and in-store purchases.

“At MuchBetter, we pride ourselves on having created the most easy to use payment app on the planet,” continued Bader. “Users can sign up to an account in minutes and make payments with just their fingerprint and phone number. The introduction of Pay By Bank underscores our commitment to the user experience. It is a seamless, simple and secure deposit option designed for mobile – just like us – and we think our users will love it.”

Mastercard’s Suren Nawalkar commented: “Pay By Bank puts users in control of their finances with a convenient and secure payment option in any scenario, online or in-store.

“We believe that the next revolution in payments is paying directly from your bank app. Users simply view their balance before paying and check out seamlessly without ever having to enter payment details.”