Social casino studio FlowPlay has expanded into the B2B sector with the launch of a white label solution to allow developers, iGaming operators and land-based casinos to roll out gambling-style apps on Facebook, iOS or Android.

Offering a full back-end infrastructure and analytics package as an out-of-the-box solution, the white label product features elements of FlowPlay’s own social casino app Vegas World, with synchronous, multiplayer variants of slots, poker, blackjack, bingo and solitaire as well as gifting and chat functionality.

It is designed to allow land-based venues to enhance customer relationships by providing a fully branded product, while FlowPlay claims the multiplayer games help retain players.

The product also features a payment system incorporating a range of options including PayPal, prepay cards and all major credit cards, and can also support mail-in cash and cheque payments.

The back-end gives customers access to an analytics dashboard, with up to 300 reporting metrics to analyse gameplay and revenues by player location, behaviour, payment methods and response to advertising campaigns, allowing operators to effectively review acquisition drives and the success of third-party marketing solutions.

FlowPlay chief executive Derrick Morton said the product “platform provides a solution for companies that don't have the resources to build their own from scratch.”

“We give businesses the underlying platform, analytics and suite of casino games they desire, with a mix of social, casual casino and multiplayer features that no one else in the market offers,” he explained.

The launch of the B2B offering follows the roll-out of FlowPlay’s Vegas World social casino app, combining gambling-style gameplay with elements of massively multiplayer online games.