Online bingo operator has announced the release of its Trophy Bingo social casino product for the Android platform, with an iOS launch set to follow.

Trophy Bingo is a puppy-themed adventure game where players have to play their way through 120 levels of bingo challenges. The operator describes it as featuring a number of innovative new features such as a map progression system, unique game types, card blockers, bonus rounds and a combination system.

The game is now available from the Google Play store, with launching a period of live development and monetisation tuning to follow the launch.

This will see new levels and power plays added to the game, ahead of its iOS launch.

“The spectacular growth of the social casino marketplace inspired us to build an innovative new bingo product,” chief executive Jason Williams commented. “Trophy Bingo is our entry into the market and we hope that the millions of avid bingo players worldwide will become as captivated with the challenge of getting bingos, progressing levels, and rescuing canine friends as we have.

Williams said that his company had constructed a product that was both rich in gameplay and offered hours of entertainment in a totally new format for social bingo.

“It's our intent to make Trophy Bingo the most popular and profitable social bingo game available on Android and iOS,” he added.

The game was developed in partnership with Vancouver-based social games developer Roadhouse Interactive Limited, going live in May last year.

Roadhouse chief executive James Hursthouse commented that Trophy Bingo was a result of combining’s deep understanding and success in the bingo market with his company’s expertise in free-to-play game design and development.

“Several unique innovations have been introduced to the bingo genre with Trophy Bingo that I am sure players will find engaging and a lot of fun,” Hursthouse added. “We look forward to continuing to advance the game in collaboration with and our players.”