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Online poker giant PokerStars has launched Knockout Poker, a new tournament format that rewards players with additional cash for eliminating competitors from the event.

The game will be available exclusively online through PokerStars, and is to be promoted through a global marketing campaign headed up by FC Barcelona striker and Brazilian football team captain Neymar Jr.

In PokerStars Knockout Poker the tournament prize money is split in two equal halves, with 50 per cent going in the normal prize pool and the other 50 per cent awarded for ‘knockouts.’ This sees players win a share of this sum each time they eliminate a player from the tournament.

The game has been designed to be quick, easy for new players to pick up, and attractive as it offers users a chance to win money without even winning the overall tournament. This means players can win money more often, in-keeping with PokerStars’ strategy to grow the poker market by introducing innovative new game formats to new audiences.

The game will initially be available in a variety of game formats, such as 36-player hyper-turbo sit’n go (SNG) with $1 and $5 buy-ins; 24-player hyper-turbo SNG with $10 buy-ins, and 6-player variants with $1.50, $3.50 and $7 buy-ins.

In order to attract new players PokerStars will promote the game to new players with a range of bonus offers for first and second deposits of more than $10 up until May 13th. 

The game is to be promoted through TV campaigns across a number of European and Latin American markets, with Neymar Jr serving as the face of the product.

“I love winning on the football pitch, and I love the opportunity to win instantly in Knockout Poker,” the striker said. “It takes an ordinary game of poker and makes it more fun, with more winning moments.”