Sports betting solutions provider SBTech has launched a new product which sends players calls to action to increase their in-play betting activity.

Action Bet is powered by the supplier's machine learning algorithm, and creates instant notification when specific events occur in a match.

When a free kick is awarded, a red or yellow card is shown, a team wins a corner or goes on the attack during a football match, a dynamic market is pushed to players. Users then have the option to place a bet via the notification, with their selection instantly added to their bet slip.

For example, when a team wins a corner, Over/Under Corners and Next Goal markets and their odds are displayed on-screen, allowing players to quickly place a bet. Action Betting is due to launch with SBTech clients this month.

"Action Betting is the result of our investment in personalization, as we seek to tailor the experience for each user," SBTech chief product officer Ian Bradley explained. "The constant drive to create more markets is not going to stop, and given the challenges that brings, our aim is to enhance the UX, ensuring players don't have to scroll and search for markets.

"Instead, we offer them suggestions whenever a significant incident occurs, presenting them with a relevant market in the context of the alert," he explained. "The launch of Action Betting is part of our strategy of continuously improving the mobile betting experience and is just a taste of what we have in store for our partners in 2018."