Opinion: Age verification helps online platforms open up new markets 

16th February 2023 10:28 am GMT

The number of players joining online gaming and gambling platforms is beating records, says AU10TIX chief risk & compliance officer Jonathan Wilson. At the same time, governments are tightening their scrutiny on remote identity proofing, especially on underage player entry.

Online age verification processes often seem laughably easy to circumvent – after all, anyone can lie hiding behind a computer. The truth, however, is that a simple age check is enormously influential in combatting online gaming fraud.

Online or remote identity proofing used to resemble the wild west - lawless and without a country - until 2021, when restrictions were strengthened in the EU, UK, and US, setting minimum standards for online gaming. These standards dictated how online casinos and gaming platforms should manage their Know Your Customer (KYC) and age verification processes. The laws ensure geographic jurisdiction and age verification rule requirements are met. Some EU member countries require the system to be accredited by local regulators or certification bodies.

As new markets open in Africa and other parts of the world, businesses must implement compliant age verification to open shop. An identity verification solution that meets market-specific requirements will offload regulatory burdens. For example, automating rejections for individuals who fail online betting age checks during identity verification can mitigate fines while reducing operational overhead.

In the current landscape of new markets and moving regulatory targets, a pop-up screen asking a website visitor to verify their age eligibility does not qualify as age verification and is insufficient to prove due diligence. Adequate KYC processes are needed to prevent children from accessing age-restricted content.

AU10TIX is in the business of providing remote identity-proofing services to customers. Our advanced age verification checks minimize the risk of underage players' access to age-restricted gaming sites. By implementing secure verification processes, we make it easy to comply with gambling commissions and local jurisdictions' age and identity verification rules. Businesses can now build their own branded identity verification and online betting age check into signups or purchases with no-code solutions, SDKs, and APIs with cross-platform support.

Our fully automated age verification platform helps providers establish a fast-growing user base, driving a rise in accounts. A scrutinized registration process can ensure that only players above the legal age are registered. Legal issues involving minors can be avoided, saving time, money, and rapport. Furthermore, demonstrations of proper compliance and due diligence can enormously boost a company's reputation in the eyes of both the public and regulators.

Jonathan Wilson is chief risk & compliance officer for AU10TIX

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