The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) has partnered with Sportradar's Integrity Services to help safeguard the integrity of South American football leagues and tournaments.

The partnership will enable CONMEBOL to educate and train its members about the dangers of match-fixing and the tools available to identify match manipulation, and gives the confederation access to Sportradar's Fraud Intelligence Unit to collect, process and respond to information about possible threats to the sport.

CONMEBOL will also deploy Sportradar's Fraud Detection System to monitor global betting markets across a host of South American football leagues and competitions, in order to detect possible integrity issues.

The South American Football Confederation joins the likes of UEFA, NBA, NHL and AFC in partnering with Sportradar to help safeguard its competitions.

The integrity drive is being led by CONMEBOL president Alejandro Dominguez, who assumed the role in January 2016. He was also appointed as a vice president of the FIFA Council in the same year.

Dominguez took charge of CONMEBOL promising to reform the confederation by introducing greater accounting transparency, building a reliable and sustainable institution, and increasing investment in the development of the sport.

"In this new CONMEBOL, we take our responsibility to ensure the integrity of football, both on the field of play and in its management, incredibly seriously," said Dominguez.

"Bringing on board a world-class company like Sportradar to prevent, identify and investigate various forms of sporting fraud, marks a new milestone in our crusade to strengthen transparency, guarantee sports justice, promote fair play values and strengthen confidence in the institutions that govern football."