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IAGR joins forces with International Gaming Standards Association

27th October 2020 7:13 am GMT

The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) and the International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA) have announced a collaboration to maximise opportunities for effective and efficient gaming regulations.

In a first for both organisations, the initiative will focus on two key priorities over the coming year; discussion and information exchange concerning known and emerging issues impacting regulatory policy and practice; and identifying opportunities to leverage standards and technology to advance efficient and effective gaming regulations.

“As regulators, we recognise that dialogue with industry is fundamental to both understand the sector and make informed decisions which can advance efficient and effective gambling regulation,” said Mabutho Zwane, president of the IAGR, which consists of representatives from gaming regulatory organizations throughout the world.

“This is particularly important at this time where there is opportunity to leverage technology to drive innovation in regulatory practice.”

IGSA president Peter DeRaedt commented: “IGSA is the single technology standards setting organization in the gaming industry. We strongly believe that collective dialogue with regulatory authorities on an international level is crucial to enhance regulatory oversight while driving efficiencies for operators and suppliers.

“Our collaboration with IAGR is an enormous step forward towards the betterment of the gaming industry as a whole. Our organisation is very excited about the opportunities this new collaboration presents.”

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