INTRALOT’s North American subsidiary has been named the official gaming vendor of the New Mexico State Lottery for a second time, supplying a full range of solutions and related services to power the lottery.

The supplier is responsible for providing the central system behind the lottery, as well as software platforms, a terminal network, and communications and associated gaming products. This new deal will see INTRALOT also provide the lottery with 1,200 new Photon lottery terminals.

Having worked with the lottery since 2006, the new contract has been agreed following a competitive proposal process.

“INTRALOT has been a valuable partner,” New Mexico Lottery director David Barden said. “Their technical capabilities and innovative games have allowed us to continue to expand our product offering with new and exciting games and distribution channels.

“With these new channels and games, we have increased our sales and player base without adversely impacting sales of other products. We very much look forward to continuing our successful partnership with the team from INTRALOT.”

The contract runs for eight years and begins on November 22nd, with INTRALOT also working closely with the lottery on marketing, advertising and sales initiatives.

“We were initially awarded a contract by the New Mexico Lottery in 2006. At that time we committed to the state of New Mexico to provide the lottery with the very best technology and services,” INTRALOT Inc president and chief executive Tom Little said.

“Having been awarded this new contract is a testament to the success of our endeavors resulting in a successful partnership with the Lottery. We are very pleased that we have been awarded this second contract to continue to deliver, along with our partners at the New Mexico Lottery, on our commitment to the state of New Mexico.“