Retailers’ priorities across the United States are focused on instant lottery games, which have become the leading product in the industry.

There are seven US states that currently allow online lottery sales – just three of which include online instant games – and there remains an appetite among lawmakers in other states to continue to discuss iLottery (sale of games via mobile and internet) as a means to increase sales.

So far, the appetite among players has been muted and the results disappointing. The Michigan Lottery has been rightly celebrated for pushing the cause as the most interactive lottery in the US, but games sold online account for just three per cent of total sales there. In other states such as Kentucky, it’s more like one per cent of sales.

According to La Fleur’s, online sales from lottery and eInstant games grew 54 per cent to just over $143m in the 2017 fiscal year. At the same time, instant lottery games have grown to become a $45bn a year market. They now represent 63 per cent of US lotteries total sales. And retailers are an essential distribution network for the lotteries.

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