Playscan, the responsible gambling technology business owned by Svenska Spel, has released a new version of its behavioural analysis tool.

Playscan 4 allows players to see detailed analysis of their gambling habits and offers a prognosis of future behaviour, and is designed to help users recognise when they are gambling excessively.

Previous versions of the solution featured a ‘traffic light’ system, where a player’s risk of developing problem behaviour was identified with red, amber or green symbols. This has been changed to a six-point scale, described as offering a more granular and precise indication of the risk.

The solution has also been customised so that recommendations and advice to players is tailored around specific game verticals, rather than based on a general assessment based on user behaviour across all products.

Playscan CTO Henrik Hallberg described Playscan 4 as an exciting continuation of the product’s development.

“By learning from all of our installations of Playscan 3 and the 100 million analyses performed in the series, we've made the good parts better, clarified what needed clarification and added a couple of extremely promising features,” Hallberg explained.


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