Sports broadcaster and data supplier Satellite Information Services (SIS) has partnered social intelligence specialist iris Concise to develop search tools allowing the company to aggregate user opinions on sporting events from social networks.

The products will collect data on sporting events from networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to gauge user opinions on results.

Comments are collected, then filtered by date, sport, territory, bet-types and markets to refine the data which can then be used by SIS clients to develop an understanding of where punters are likely to place bets.

This ‘listening process’ is done on a non-personalised, aggregated basis and is carried out in full compliance with privacy policies operated by the social media platforms.

The product is designed specifically for bookmakers, trading teams and customers.

It is being developed in partnership with iris Concise, the social intelligence arm of digital intelligence expert iris, as part of SIS’ strategy to grow and diversify its product offering by developing solutions aimed at online betting companies.

SIS strategic development director Paul Baker explained that people usually discuss their plans before acting on them, noting that this is reflected in their social networking activity.

“We can listen in to that social chatter and by filtering it, we can gather an enormous amount of data and in turn develop a range of products to help our customers and their customers,” Barker continued.

“This is at the cutting edge of social media and we are excited about the prospect of bringing new ideas to the market place,” he said. “Our partner iris Concise are experts at handling that data and understanding how best to shape it and we are delighted to be working with them.”

Iris Concise managing director Benjamin Chilcott described the deal as an exciting new partnership that would allow his company to leverage its years of experience in leisure and gaming.

“Moreover, as part of the global iris network, iris Concise can bring to bear all of this expertise and experience in helping brands shape the innovation agenda in their markets, to help SIS deliver extraordinary digital services for bookmakers, their traders and punters,” Chilcott added.

A similar social sentiment product, Sentimeter, has been developed by sports betting software developer Betfuze.


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