Live betting solutions provider Metric Gaming has launched SuperLive Golf, a high volume game designed for betting on golf, with the product going live with the Bonnier Gaming-owned brand Redbet.

SuperLive Golf allows players a high level of match interaction, with up to four hundred bet opportunities offered per round, with its launch coincides with the start of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) British Open.

The roll-out also follows the launch of SuperLive Football ahead of the summer’s World Cup.

It offers the opportunity to bet on who will win a hole, total combined group scores and individual player markets such as stroke-by-stroke betting.

“Redbet will now take this opportunity to revolutionize the way golf is perceived by sports betting customers, engaging them like never before with SuperLive Golf,” Bonnier Gaming head of sports Mark Thorne commented.

The company’s chief executive Andreas Ternström added that he was thrilled to have partnered Metric Gaming, which he said could “change the very complexion of the in-game wagering industry, becoming the new gold standard in live betting.”

“Today, live betting is almost never truly ‘live,’ as bettors must typically still wait for final match results before their wagers are graded,” he explained. “SuperLive changes all of that – allowing in-game betting to finally reach its full potential.”

Metric chairman Peter Bertilsson said that after the successful football launch the company was looking to follow it with another strong product, noting that golf was hugely popular across Europe.