Online poker giant PokerStars has launched Spin & Go, a new fast-paced poker format that allows players to win up to $30,000 in just a few minutes of gameplay, on its site.

 The game has already been launched in the Spanish, Italian and French markets before being rolled out internationally.

It takes the form of a three-handed hyper-turbo Sit & Go tournament where players are given 500 chips and play out three-minute levels.

They then select a buy-in level between $1 and $30, and once three players are registered to a game, the size of the prize pool is randomly selected.

The prize pool can be anything from two times the buy-in to one thousand times the initial amount. If the highest jackpot prize occurs in the top three tiers of buy-ins - $7, $15 and $30 – second and third-placed players are given 10 per cent of the prize pool each, meaning the overall pools can grow up to $36,000.

Team PokerStars player Jonathan Duhamel said that Spin & Go is “great for so many reasons.”

“First, the game lasts just a few minutes, making it perfect for whenever you have some free time, and it’s ideal for mobile play,” he explained. “But the most attractive aspect is the lottery-style prize pool, which means you never know how much you’re going to be playing for.

“Having the chance to win thousands of dollars from just a few dollars is great, considering you only have to beat two players to win the lot,” Duhamel added.


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