A television advertisement for GeoLotto, the location-based draw game jointly operated by Geonomic and Germany’s Tipp24, has been banned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for misleadingly implying that participants would be playing a lottery game.

GeoLotto was re-launched in the UK last September, offering players the chance to win a jackpot of £1m each week by correctly picking a location on a map. The games uses the Google Maps interface to divide the UK into purchasable blocks, with the geo-blocks replacing the conventional number selection of traditional lottery games.

The TV ad showed different people seeing a bright light and then a shower of cash descending upon them. The voice-over stated: “This Saturday night, millions of pounds will be landing all over Britain, in the all-new Geo Lotto.com game. Go to GeoLotto.com now, claim your lucky place for just £1, and be in with a chance of winning up to one million pounds! You can choose anywhere - from a famous landmark to your own home. Of course, if you don't claim your lucky place, you can't win diddly. GeoLotto.com. Millions of pounds are coming. Don't miss out.”

The complainant, who understood that the product was a gambling game, challenged whether the ad misleadingly implied it was a lottery.

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