PokerStars owner Amaya has announced that it will be a sponsor of The Brain Project, a Toronto-based art exhibition taking place this summer designed to promote brain health.

Presented by TELUS, the project consists of a range of artists creating diverse brain sculptures to be placed in popular public areas around Toronto to drive interest and awareness in brain health.

Amaya is paired with digital modern artist Ron Wild, who will create a sculpture using an extreme mapping montage technique that will reflect the strategic and creative elements of the human brain used when making decisions in poker, chess and other competitive sports.

"Amaya is happy to support the The Brain Project and to advance public awareness of important issues surrounding mental health and awareness," said Amaya chairman and CEO David Baazov. "Poker is a mind sport and a form of entertainment which heavily encompasses strategic thought, helping to keep the brain healthy and active.

“Many of the poker world's top players find a healthy diet means a healthy mind, and a healthy mind means better results."

The Brain Project serves as a vehicle for fundraising in support of care and research into aging and brain health at Baycrest, a Jewish Home for Aged founded in 1918.

Other participating Brain Project artists include Mr. Brainwash, Gary Taxali, Samara Shuter and Karim Rashid.