Dutch state-owned charitable lottery operator De Lotto has appointed Peter Kuipers as interim chief executive, following the departure of Joost Otterloo last month.

Otterloo stepped down as CEO to take on the role of chief people officer at express and mail delivery services company TNT Express in June.

He has now been replaced on an interim basis by Kuipers, who has over 20 years of experience in managing change processes at a diversity of public and private companies.

In his last role as CEO of TROS (Television and Radio Broadcasting Foundation), one of the most popular TV broadcast channels in Holland, he was responsible for the merger of AVRO (General Radio Broadcasting Association) and TROS, among other things.

Prior to his departure, Otterloo was in discussions with the country’s main lottery operator Staatsloterij over a potential merger, which would allow the combined entity to better compete in the soon-to-be-regulated Dutch online gaming market expected to open early next year.