The Deutsche Lotto und Totoblock (DLTB) will be chaired by LOTTO Hamburg GmbH over the next three years, with the lottery’s co-general managers taking over from their counterparts at Saarland-Sporttoto.

This sees Michael Heinrich and Torsten Meinberg begin their tenure as chair of the association, which represents Germany’s 16 state lotteries. They took on the chairman ship on January 1st, replacing Saarland-Sporttoto managing directors Michael Burkert and Peter Jacoby.

“We are very pleased that our lotto colleagues of the DLTB have placed their trust in us and will execute our role with commitment and responsibility,” LOTTO Hamburg’s Heinrich commented.

As chair of the DLTB LOTTO, Hamburg will coordinate and guide the affairs of the association, as well as leading all meetings held each year.

It will also be responsible for coordinating press activities to promote the state lotteries’ interests, with Petra Schulz serving as the association’s main point of contact with media bodies.

“As chairman, LOTTO Hamburg will be the face and voice of the DLTB for the coming three years,” Meinberg said. “Being one of the smaller lottery companies, this is a special challenge which we will gladly take on.”