Sisal launches innovation lab in Italy

1st July 2021 7:20 am GMT

Lottery and gaming operator Sisal has launched its first innovation lab in Turin, Italy, giving local talent the opportunity to develop skills in technology and IT.

The launch will help Sisal achieve its goal of having a quarter of the company involved in the implementation of new technologies and coding, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital transformation.

"Sisal has always been an innovation-driven company. In recent years we have taken great strides: extending our offering to new countries, we have created new gaming platforms with the aim of becoming the market leader in technologies," said Sisal chief information officer Mario Martinelli.

"We have invested in Data Platforms and Artificial Intelligence, as well as revolutionizing our digital offering. I am delighted with our latest project: creating a hub dedicated to innovation that will focus on ideas, the development of talent, experimentation and research - enabling the whole company to look to the future.”

Sisal chief digital officer and project manager Davide Filizola added: "The Innovation Lab was created to combine a specific need and a common ambition: the first is to actively contribute to the training of young professionals, while the second is to attract new skills. 

"With this initiative, Sisal wants to create a space focused on digital issues outside of the company, while simultaneously nurturing ideas that can be developed into concrete projects within the company. Addressing strategic issues for our business, such as the implementation of artificial intelligence in Responsible Gambling, is crucial for us and a key pillar of our sustainability strategy.”

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