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Relax Gaming to simplify integrations with Relax Apex launch

24th June 2021 9:51 am GMT

Relax Gaming aims to revolutionise the delivery of casino content to its operator partners through the new Relax Apex integration overlay.

Relax Apex has been launched in response to the increasingly fragmented challenges present in today’s regulatory environment and promises to significantly reduce quality assurance and compliance efforts by operators.

Relax described the launch as a “true gamechanger” for its partners and operators, providing a scalable front-end overlay that enables a faster route-to-market with next to no regulatory obstacles.

Relax Apex also allows for automated custom integrations across Relax’s roster of studio partners, and will also offer promotional suite access.

“Relax Apex is truly a game-changing development - as a company renowned for our technological architecture, we’re exceptionally proud of what we’ve achieved with it,” said Relax Gaming chief product officer Simon Hammon.

“Our core goal for Relax Apex is that it mitigates the fragmentation that the industry currently endures and not only does it provide a tool to cut through these complex challenges but it’s also a living product that will constantly evolve to meet whatever shifts the industry experiences in the future. It offers symmetry of all content and frees operators and partners to focus on running their businesses effectively."

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