MaximBet partners Hon-Dah Resort Casino in Arizona

16th August 2021 9:19 am GMT

MaximBet and its partner Carousel Group has entered an agreement with the White Mountain Apache Tribe to pursue an online sports betting licence in Arizona.

The deal with the Tribe, which owns the Hon-Dah Resort Casino, is subject to regulatory approval and would mark the 5th US state where MaximBet, an affiliate of men's lifestyle brand Maxim, plans to launch.

“We are thrilled to partner with the White Mountain Apache Tribe to bring MaximBet and the renowned Maxim lifestyle experience to Arizona,” said MaximBet CEO Daniel Graetzer. “With some of the best sporting teams in the country and a highly engaged sports community, we are confident Arizona will be drawn to our consumer-friendly app, world-class customer service, and the incredible live events we are planning for the state.”

The Tribe and MaximBet have jointly applied to the Arizona Department of Gaming to secure licensure. MaximBet is also set to launch in Colorado next month, followed by Iowa, Indiana and New Jersey, subject to regulatory approvals.

“The White Mountain Apache Tribe is excited to be partnered with Carousel Group, MaximBet, and their world-class leadership to launch an exciting and unique sports betting product for Arizonans,” said Brent Kurth, general manager of Hon-Dah Resort-Casino. “This partnership will unlock a very important new revenue stream and is critical to the economic future of the tribe and its 17,000 members.”

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